AVerMedia video capture solution is dedicatedly designed for various professional applications. It includes customizable SDK which support multiple programming languages such as VB, VC/ VC++, Delphi, C# (.net) and VB.net. It allows users to create features to meet their specific demands. Also, it makes the integration easy and seamless. AVerMedia video capture series can deal with a wide range of video resolutions from CE to VESA in standard or high definition. This factor makes it the ideal solution for those customers who need to acquire videos from professional video equipments such as medical instrument, microscope and so forth. Furthermore, it preserves the video in various video formats that allows further postproduction or other professional applications. Besides, the video capture series works on both Windows and Linux platforms, which enhances the flexibility in system integration or development. It features advanced functions, such as De-interlace, Noise Reduction, Text/Image/Video Overlay, that benefit users from optimized video quality and customized application. The sample codes of those advanced features are included in the package. In addition, the prompt technical support is available when there is any problem and demand.


What is SDK?


SDK, which stands for Software Development Kit, provides a complete toolkit to develop software via various programming languages such as Visual Basic and Visual C++. The SDK includes DLL libraries (for VC), OCX control kit (for VB, Delphi) and detailed description. Developers can use the SDK to create applications using DirectShow architecture, which provides for high-quality capture and playback of multimedia streams on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Instead of individuals writing the code to create applications, such as forms, command buttons, and menus, the API (Application Programming Interface) provides an interface helping you call the appropriate functions and libraries in our SDK.


What can our SDK provide?


1. Support HD Video up to 1080p Resolution


2. Text/ Time/ Image Overlay

Adding graphical/textual overlays or timestamps onto the video enables logos or other images shown on the screen


3. Record in multiple video formats

Besides recording in the uncompressed AVI format, now users can have more choices for their video, including H.264, MPEG-2 and WMV

4. Advanced Picture Optimization

(1) Advanced de-interlace
     ● Eliminating the visual defects of interlaced video

(2) Brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation adjustments (not for HDMI)
(3) Video downscaling
     ● Decreasing the video size to reduce CPU usage or to boost the efficiency of broadcasting or streaming



5. Take Screenshot in Sequence or Inverse

Capture image in BMP or JPG format

Support single field, single frame, serial fields, and serial frames

Capture of serial fields/frames in BMP, JPG, AVI (60fps) and image buffer format


6. Capture to Buffer
Capturing video by frame for streaming to the Internet or saving as a new file Further 3rd party codec can be employed

7. De-interlace Filter
Apply de-unterlace filter in DirectShow-developed software to leverage the usage flexibility


    • HD-projection presentations
    • Surveillance system feeds in CCTV
    • TV Studios or grandeur video wall with multi-screens
  • DarkCrystal 750 (CD750)
    • Captures video in 1080p 60fps 
    • Bundled with exclusive capture SDK
    • Works with popular video editing software
    • Enables HDMI and/or component input
    • 3rd party plug-ins: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Sony Vegas Pro, ImageJ 
    • Software compatibility: DirectShow-compliant software: XSplit, OBS, Windows Media Encoder 9, VLC media player, Potplayer, Graph Edit, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
    • Fully DirectShow compatible
    • Support uncompressed video capture in AVI or WMV format
    • Support snapshot in BMP or JPG format
    • Capture and digitalize NTSC/PAL/SECAM analog signals
    • Support multiple programming languages
    • Video capture with Composite input
    • 4-channel concurrent capture solution
    • Standard minicard dimension
    • Mainstream programming languages supported
    • Fully DirectShow compatible
    • HD-projection capture and professional video recording
    • HD surveillance system feeds in CCTV
    • TV Studios or grandeur video wall with multi-screens
    • Capture HD Content up to 1080i
    • Grab Video from HDMI and Analog Inputs
    • Fully DirectShow Compatible
    • Support Both SD and HD Video Sources
    • Various Programming Language Support